Production Analysis

NIYA provides a full end-to-end process performance monitoring solution that provides actionable intelligence to users at any level of an enterprise. Highly accurate, real-time, and historical information can then drive operational efficiency and help to gain a competitive advantage. NIYA solutions typically involve pre-built calculations, downtime analytics, and production scheduling; all of which combine to help ensure effective business processes. Real-time data can be aggregated from almost any data source through open, industry-standard, secure protocols and displayed via an intelligent dashboard. NIYA supports different OEE calculations and easily make customization and creates new calculation methods. Currently, we support Discrete OEE, Batch OEE, and JOB base OEE methods.


Reports and Dashboards

  • User Role wise interactive Dashboard 
  • Shift, Day, Week, Month, Quarterly, Yearly Production 
  • Comprehensive single report for end to end analysis
  • Auto generation and distribution of schedule reports 


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