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Barbershops in Ukraine

Barbershops in Ukraine

When it comes to getting hair cut in Kyiv, you have your option of barbershops. Each one is unique in its style and distinct rates.

At BRAZOR there is a staff who speaks English and offers mind-games that keep the customers entertained. There are also discounts available for returning customers. They also employ techniques learnt from Vidal Sassoon London.


Ukraine has a long and rich tradition of barbershops. Its barbershop scene has been developing in recent years. You can get an expert shave or cutting-edge haircut, there’s a Kyiv barbershop that can meet your requirements.

DABORODA is situated within the Kiev’s Parikmakherskie region and is considered to be one of the most popular barbershops within the city. The shop offers a variety of services, ranging from the most stunning volos strizhki to hair cuts for men.

This barbershop is ideal for individuals who desire great haircuts at reasonable prices. The staff are well trained and use Vidal Sassoon London hair cutting methods. The salon also offers a assortment of grooming items.

BRAZOR is yet another well-known Ukrainian barbershop. The salon has a 4 star review and has 206 ratings. It can be a good choice for guys who would like to get a hair cut without breaking the bank. The staff are real professionals and can help you style your beard and discuss current hairstyles and trends for males. They also have useful tips and tricks to make your hair appear stunning. As part of the service the staff will provide you with DMK Dane Hydra facial and botoks dlia vypriamlenie.

If you’re looking to have a fun night out go to Lumberjack that is barbershops that combine standard services and whiskey. This cozy bar offers four locations across Kiev and offers a space in which you can get your haircut, or a beard trim, enjoy whiskey, and play mental games. Barbers there use Vidal Sassoon London techniques, and they also offer Bronze cards, Silver cards and Gold that are a good choice for customers who come back.

The minimal building also houses an area for tattoos, as well as cosmetic treatments. A local studio called Sivak&Parters has been able to finish the interior of the 100-square-metre store in three months.

The bar’s owner is ingenuous and has the right ideas on how to delight his patrons. The bar’s work is renowned for his use of various tricks , and he will do his best to impress customers by his tricks.

DABORODA is the perfect place to go if you’re in search of a fabulous haircut Kyiv. The discrete service, no-cost Wi-Fi and the laid-back atmosphere are the top reasons to choose this salon for anyone visiting Kiev to work or for pleasure. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing the perfect haircut for your physique.

Frisor VII

Frisor, one of Ukraine’s most popular barbershops is extremely well-known. It offers high-quality services, and a chic interior English style , which creates an ambiance that is unique. The guests are always encouraged to return for more due to the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Apart from classic haircuts for males, Frisor also offers a wide range of additional serviceslike hair washing as well as hair-care advice. Frisor also offers the best-stocked store, which contains a range of shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair in top state.

Frisor’s broad range of products and services is the reason they stand out. Clients can select from many different styles including modern, classic and all-in-between. They are also able to accommodate all dietary preferences and requirements.

There are also a variety of discount and promotional offers, with offers that are on a frequent basis. These offers are a great option to attract new customers.

Their app is another notable function. The users can download and install software straight from the Google Play Store. It is compatible with both Android as well as iOS gadgets.

This app could be ideal for people looking to cut down on cost of travel as well as to save time. It also helps you navigate around your city. It can find your nearest train station or bus stop and also provide step-bystep directions to Frisor Barbershop. Additionally, the app can provide live directions as well as help you estimate how long it will take you to reach your destination.


Chop-Chop, a barbershop that is modern which gives a modern different twist to the classic style is referred to as Chop-Chop. The location is Marshala Bazhanova Street.

This location has the most appealing aspect: It’s inexpensive, easy and easily accessible for downtown businesses on a tight budget. It offers a broad range of hair styling services and is accessible through a car, foot or bus. They also offer a vast variety of grooming items and provide free haircuts to military personnel.

The company currently has six branches with six branches in Kiev and Kharkiv, with many more planned. Their hairdressers have received numerous accolades and they’re well-known by their outstanding hairdressing. Their satisfaction with their customers is among the best across the region.

This is a fantastic option that are ideal for those looking for their hair to be cut or cut. The staff is friendly and are clean. They also have the biggest space city center and provide plenty of room for customers. There is even a children’s room that offers a tuxedo, tie and haircuts. This is one of the top shops within the city and should definitely check it out for yourself.

Gentlemen’s Club

For men who want to cut their hair in a civilized atmosphere, Gentlemen’s Club is the place. The staff of the Ukrainian barbershop are highly proficient in hair styling and haircutting. You will get the look you want and they will meet your requirements.

The barbershop is situated in Lviv in vul Gnatiuka 12.a. The shop offers haircuts, hair shaping, mustache styling and royal shaving. They also offer coloring over gray hair in addition to a baby’s cut.

The interior of this establishment is decorated in an English design with a traditional look that makes the entire ambience feel luxurious. It is also possible to enjoy a variety of beverages while you have your hair done.

This barbershop is also part of Frisor’s chain of barbershops. It is distinct with respect to its values and the culture it has and allows barbers to interact with their clients.

There are several branches of this brand in Ukraine, including Zhytomyr and Chernivtsi. The brand is known for its excellent quality products and excellent service.

Barbershop VOSK staff is comprised of qualified specialists that will fulfill all of your requirements as well as alter your haircut or beard according to your needs. Feel confident about your new hairstyle and also accept responsibility for how it looks.

They’ll also take great care of you and ensure you have a well-groomed hair. They will make use of the top brands of hair care products that are safe for you and your hair.

This barbershop has a wide range of products specifically designed specifically for males. The hair care products will benefit your hair, they’re inexpensive too.

Apart from that it also has it’s own comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you can sit and chat with other customers. The store even has an entertainment system that shows videos of sports as well as other information, which is valuable for those who are looking to learn details about various subjects.

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